Get Inspired

Welcome to Inspired Warrior Project (formerly Inspired Adonis)

A place where I will share my thoughts, dreams, fears, real life events and how I’ve overcome them and still working through them. I am here to inspire you to defeat your obstacles and help you grow as I am growing and let you know, you are not alone. We get to grow together! Don’t be afraid to share, contact me or just read through my words. Don’t worry, it’s not all heartache, there is laughter, passion and so much more. Please be prepared as there is some honest, truthful and graphic information in some posts, so use discretion before reading. 

Why “Inspired Adonis”?

We often want to be inspired by others and subjects around us. Love, loss of love, my past trauma(s) and who I want to be has inspired my inner growth. Butterflies have always brought me warmth. Along with philosophy and mythology of the eternal love story of Adonis. Many philosophical literature stories have lingered in my mind. (Call me a hopeless romantic and believer of passion. love and growth through others perspectives.)

The Blue Adonis butterfly is a rare butterfly that has vanished over the years because of their habitats diminishing due to agriculture. The butterfly is protected as a caterpillar by ants. As humans seek protection and love so does the Blue Adonis. The way they survive with a little help from ants is extraordinary. We all need a little help and protection. I became an inspired Adonis, longing to survive in life and fight for eternal love, whether it is love for myself or others.

*To get an idea of where I have been and where I am going, be sure to read “Finding Strength in Vulnerability”, “Uplifting People, Not Just Women, through Communication”, and “Letter to My Ex”