Finding Your Way

Reflect In Me…

Back on September 19th, 2018, I wrote a short journal entry about the reflections I was encountering while in Seattle. It was a day after my birthday and I was having a hard day leaving the AirBNB. The guy I was dating at the time was in Italy with his sister’s and I wasn’t able to spend it with him or the experience and that was hurting me.

The journal entry read:

“Today, so far, I’ve taken time to relax and think. Some self reflection. I did some thinking about what I want. Do I want what I have? Am I happy where I am at in life. The answer in short is “No!” I know what I want, the type of guy I want, the career I want. Now, I am just wondering, wondering, if. All I want is to be happy and be around those that truly care, wants me to be happy in life and wants nothing but happiness for me. Through everything I’ve gone through this year, I feel like I owe so much more to myself. And there is nothing like now to begin.” -Reflect In Me

As I sat in a park in Golden, Colorado and re-read the entry again, I remembered the emotions and thoughts that made me write that reflection back in September. I was reflecting again.

I have been self-employed the past month and feeling the ambition and drive for more. Those exact feelings and desires I knew I was destined to have and build were coming alive. I was building a brand, I was working on the consulting business and dreaming up the most powerful of them all, an Empowerment Organization.

At times, I have to take a step back and remind myself of why I make the decisions I do. Push myself to understand that there is great love within me and with that I can and will build and empire. I will stay true to the reasoning and reflection of having more. Wether that is in a relationship, friendship or business endeavors.

This woman saw great and felt the greatness we all could have back on that September day and now it is time to grow from that. Remember that feeling.

When we often forget why we are where we are, take a moment, two or five to remind yourself why you began in the first place. A gift I leave with you, Self Reflection. Do this as many times as you have to stay strong, to remind yourself, and or build yourself up. As my best friend would say, “You Got This!”

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Talk to you all again soon! Inspired Adonis XoXo

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